More About Our Professional Cleaning Service

Whenever you have cleaning needs in your residential or commercial property, we are the right professional cleaning company to deal with. Healthy Home and Office has been working in the industry for many years already. We already have completed various cleaning projects in New Haven, CT and we never fall short in providing excellent and impressive results every time. Choose to deal with us and receive highly beneficial returns. Here are more related services that we offer in our dependable cleaning company.


Our services:

  •  Professional Carpet Cleaning

Looking for an affordable carpet cleaning service in New Haven, CT? We highly recommend the service of our professional carpet cleaners at Healthy Home and Office. With us by your side, you don’t need to worry about the performance and condition of your carpeted floor. We would be glad to provide you regular carpet cleaning and maintenance. Book a service with us today for long-lasting carpet cleaning benefits.


  • Furniture Cleaning Service

Do you have a collection of wood furniture pieces in your residential or commercial place? If it’s a yes, you must be dealing with a lot of dusting and cleaning works every day. Let our reliable cleaning team help you with your furniture cleaning task. With the use of only 100% natural and nontoxic products, you rest assured that no harm befalls on your valued furniture pieces.


  • Local Upholstery Cleaner

Are you having a difficult time cleaning your upholstered furniture? With our innovative cleaning method, experience optimum cleaning results from our professional team. Aside from getting professionally cleaned and disinfected upholstered pieces, we also make sure to remove unhealthy odor that may affect the health of your entire family.


Deal with our upholstery cleaning company and you will never regret your decision. Trusting the service of our well-known professionals from the company will surely lead you to excellent and impressive results. Sign-up a contract with us today. To call our company, please dial at (203) 491-9353.